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Why Search Engines Penalized Websites?

Search engines are primarily maintained to provide quality content and a premium experience to the users of a particular website or page. To do so, many people make mistakes and thus end up with a search engine penalty. Any penalty, whether it’s temporary or permanent, will surely affect the ranking of your website. It will significantly reduce the searches of your website that eventually result in extremely low indexing of the website. Sometimes, the entire website is banned and removed from the search engine.

There have been many search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, etc. who have issued penalties to the websites. However, the question remains, why do search engines penalize the websites? Well, there are some reasons due to which the website is issued a penalty. These are as follows:


No one wants a duplicate content while searching. This hinders the search engines’ progress for better content. If you post a copied content on your website, the search engine will most likely issue your website a penalty for this unethical work. Make sure to post well-written and original content for the users.


Another factor that can lead to penalties is any hidden link on your website. Even though it is for a good cause, you need to make your website clear and authentic. The links must be visible to your audience.

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Internal errors of the website can also cause penalizing of the website. All the search engines ensure that their users reach the information they are searching for. For this, your website should be error-free for better user experience.



Using excessive numbers of keywords will get your website penalized by Google or any other search engine. The search engines will rank your websites according to your keywords but putting unnecessary keywords will result in you in a bad situation.


It is disgusting to use someone else’s content to publish on your page to bulk up. Google, or any other search engine, never allows any website to do so. Therefore, the website immediately issues punish in this regard.


If your site is slow at loading, the users will eventually get frustrated and might even leave your website. This will drastically change your websites’ ranking. For this, the respective search engine issues you a penalty to solve the problem.


Most penalties can be fixed with some hard work and ethical means. However, some are a bit complicated, and the only thing you can do is to let go of it. To avoid such penalties in the first place, you need to create your genuine content and authentic website. Use visible links and sitemaps for the users. Make sure to use copyrighted images with permission. Check out any internal or external errors on your website. Sometimes, people buy a spam website without knowing; this eventually results in a penalty. Ensure that you are using a good website for a better user experience.

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Sajjad Ahmad is a search engine optimization consultant. He has been in the online marketing industry for over 5 years. His background stems from affiliate marketing, and he has experience in Organic, paid search, social media, and video marketing.

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