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Google Affiliate Program

Questions and Answers on Google Affiliate Ads for Blogger

A new way to make money with your website is recommended by bloggers is an affiliate program that advertises directly on the posts. This program has control over the ads whatever you post and gives a choice between different ads available and may feel that you are really recommending this product to your audience.

Some questions that arise are stated in the following paragraph;

Does Google affiliate program permit users to Blogger and Adsense? 

Who is eligible for the Google Affiliate Ads program for Blogger? 

What is the exact way for generating the commission? 

What is the method of receiving a payment?

For the purpose of earning a commission, all you have to do is to add product announcements to your website via posting.

Basically, Google Affiliate Ads is available only for the website in the US who has a valid AdSense account, and the theme of the website matches the categories of available ads. Where a visitor clicks on an ad affiliate in your website and makes a purchase then, you will earn a commission, and this would be received via AdSense account. 

Now get started with an affiliate program. If you have an AdSense account, all you have to do is to write a new post from the editing panel Ticket. If your blog post a gadget advertising products, it will appear in the configuration panel post via “advertise products.” If the website you own coincides with the categories of available ads, then advertise products to do the first search with a category by selecting an ad affiliate that could be related to what your post is. Then select an image size from the drop-down menu which says “Image”, if published only an image. Now select the size only where you post the full announcement.

Here the announcement of the product you have chosen will appear by posting. The question will obviously come in mind that what you will do if you do not have an AdSense account.

Now you will have to Sign in your AdSense. Editing entries will appear and once you have been approved for AdSense gadget then write a new post from the panel. “Promote Products” will match the categories of ads available and appears in the input configuration. Select the image size from the drop-down menu that says “Image”. If you publish it as an image with the link which says “Advertise Products” then do select the size if you wish to publish the full announcement.

In the end, publish your post in this product announcement that you have chosen and appear now.

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